For a healthy take on ramen, substitute sweet potato zoodles for the traditional wheat noodles

This homemade ramen is healthier than take-out and almost as fast. Spiralized sweet potatoes add a burst of color without sacrificing one of the best parts of ramen–the noodles. Even better, you don’t have to wait for hours to dig in. The quick-cooking broth is made with chicken or veggie broth, soy sauce (substitute tamari if you’re gluten-free), dashi, mirin, and white miso. A quick boil is all you need for a full-bodied broth. Top your “swoodles”–a.k.a. sweet potato noodles–with hard-cooked egg, sprouts, green onions, and hot chili oil for a bowl of flavor-packed, healthy ramen. You can also add leftover chicken or tofu.


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