“Chief Grilling Officer” is our new dream job title–and it can be yours

Getty Images / Haroon Sadiq

Imagine traveling cross-country, on a quest to find the best barbecue in the USA–and getting paid for it.

This summer, that dream will become reality for one lucky BBQ aficionado. Reynold’s Kitchens is looking for a Chief Grilling Officer to discover the best grilling tips and tricks from America’s most barbecue-loving cities. Then, they’ll share the results of their thorough research (i.e. much taste-testing) with backyard grillers everywhere, via the company’s website and social media channels.

“We’re looking for a truly passionate grilling enthusiast to lead the way across the country and discover hidden grilling gems,” said Reynold’s Consumer Products foil brand director, Brienne Neisewander, in a statement.

The two-week gig comes with prepaid travel and lodging accommodations, hookups with the hottest BBQ eateries in the country, plus a $10,000 stipend. It also includes a plus-one, so you can bring a friend or your S.O. along to join in the gluttony.

Think you got what it takes? The application process is pretty straightforward– all you need to submit is 100 words expressing your passion for barbecue, and a photo of your best home-grilled dish, by August 13.

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