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Truffle Honey on Cheese Muffins
James Carrier

Truffle Honey on Cheese Muffins

The brew of bees has always ranked so-so in my lineup of sweets. That is, until I tried white truffle honey, a Tuscan classic. This luxurious concoction of mild honey with just a touch of fragrant white truffle oil is now made by Restaurant LuLu in San Francisco.

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Executive chefs Jody Denton and Marc Valiani use the honey in an appetizer of toast with several cheeses served with nuts and dried fruits. The elusive truffle flavor cuts the cloying sweetness of the honey and is a natural with the cheese. At home, I savor this combination for breakfast: fontina cheese melted on a toasted English muffin, then drenched with the honey, with a piece of fruit on the side. A 9-ounce jar is about $9.50 in specialty food shops. Or order from Restaurant LuLu Gourmet Product Line; (888) 693-5800.

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