Wake up to a great breakfast!
The West’s Best B&Bs01/25/2005
James Carrier
Spice Pancakes with Fresh Lemon Sauce

Spice Pancakes with Fresh Lemon Sauce

Spicy Baked Pears with Yogurt

Egg Blossoms with Hollandaise

Decadent French Toast Soufflé

Bed-and-breakfast: The phrase promises more than just cozy comfort and peaceful slumber in quaintly elegant lodgings. It implies the irresistible aromas that make waking up a pleasure.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of a special breakfast. As we gathered our research for the West’s best B&Bs, we also collected recipes that have garnered praise from approving guests. Enjoy those compliments at home, when you’re hosting guests of your own.

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