Boned thighs soak up a coconut marinade and cook quickly on the grill. At the last minute, finish them off with a tangy, sticky glaze

Sticky Coconut Chicken
James Carrier

Sticky Coconut Chicken

Ask a food professional what he or she cooks at home to elicit rave reviews, and the answer is both predictable and surprising ― rarely is the recipe complicated, although it may have professional flair.

Christine Keff, chef-owner of Seattle’s Flying Fish and Fandango restaurants, confirms these patterns with her favorite home recipe for chicken thighs. She applies her Flying Fish know-how to Southeast Asian ingredients (all of which are readily available in the supermarket), marinating the meat and making a chili glaze well ahead of time.

The thighs, boned so they soak up more flavor from the coconut marinade and cook more quickly, sizzle away on the grill at the last minute, then are finished off with the tangy, sticky glaze.

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