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These fresh and satisfying seafood chowders take the chill off winter

Molly Watson

Halibut and Sweet Potato Chowder
Spicy sausage, sweet potato, and saffron brighten up familiar halibut in this chowder.

WINE PAIRING: Arneis, a lively Italian white (the name means "little rascal"), is an almost perfect match for the halibut chowder, although a mineral-rich, aromatic dry Riesling works well too.

Crab and Hominy Chowder
Crab and corn are a classic chowder combination, but fresh corn isn't always available in the winter. We've used hominy instead, giving this flavorful soup a satisfying bite and playing up the Southwest vibe of the avocado and cilantro toppings.

WINE PAIRING: With the rich crab, pungent chile, and herbal cilantro, we like a creamy, minerally Pinot Gris. Cline's Pinot Grigio ― Chardonnay blend (California; $11) is great as well.

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