On the stove or in the oven, you can make these 26 self-contained meals in about half an hour

One-Pan Portabella Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie
Colin Price


I can’t resist a recipe for a one-pan meal―no stoveful of frying pans to tend, no sinkful of dirty utensils. On the other hand, I can’t bear to reduce good ingredients to an indecipherable mess. But with a few simple tricks, I don’t have to; one cooking container can produce sophisticated, flavorful meals. Pastas, for instance, can be cooked in their sauces, casseroles assembled in their baking dishes. And for more complex presentations, I cook the ingredients in sequence in the same pan (a little heating in the microwave oven is a legitimate part of my plan).

These recipes are inspired by American classics, favorite flavors from south of the border, familiar Asian preparations, and old European traditions. Each dish belies its simplicity, tasting as if it required slow simmering or many steps. Our secrets are yours, unless someone else volunteers to wash up the pans―er, pan.
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