A meal from the grill in less than 30 minutes

In Turkey, fast food often comes in the form of kebabs ― skewered meats cooked on the grill. Almost any meat will do, even those that are ground.

And if you blend a bold-flavored ground meat, like beef, with a milder choice, like turkey (the bird, not the country), the result is a fresh balance in taste ― lightness from one side, more character from the other. You can get the same effect by combining lamb and chicken.

These blended ground meats, seasoned and mixed with bread crumbs to retain juiciness, stand well on their own. But they are equally agreeable when brushed and served with easy sauces made of tomato, fruit, or herbs.


Turkey-Beef Kebabs

Chicken-Lamb Kebabs

Golden Apricot Sauce

Orange-Ginger Catsup

Herb Vinaigrette

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