Egg salad savoir faire

Sumptuous Egg Salad Sandwiches

The egg ― a pillar in many cuisines ― embodies simplicity and sophistication. Its form has no wasted line. Its taste is delicate yet satisfying. And in a sandwich, it’s a chameleon ― capable of pleasing one and all.

At home, David and I are prone to impromptu gatherings, with menus that necessarily grow from staples on hand, including the incredible egg. When we use it for open-faced sandwiches, with whatever bread and toppings are available, and put a small green salad alongside, we have a rather significant meal ― without significant effort.

Toppings we use on many occasions are smoked salmon or trout, marinated red peppers, or marinated mushrooms (all from the larder). We’ve even been known to do as chef Anne Gingrass does at Desiree Cafe in San Francisco’s Presidio: Sizzle tender oyster mushrooms in butter until faintly browned, drizzle them with a little white truffle oil, and spoon them over the egg salad. Short of wild mushrooms and truffle oil, our favorite embellishments are these made-in-minutes pickled onions and marinated cucumbers.

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