Five classic pairings updated to sauce summer's coolest fish

Salmon, a fish so colorful we’ve adopted its name as a hue, has flirted with scores of flavor mates through the years. The best of these have become classics. Lemon, of course, and dill. Cucumber. Red onion. Garlic. And even a few noncitrus fruits ― fresh berries, for example.

For stunningly simple summer meals, start with poached salmon and serve it with a sauce that expands on one of the classics. With just a few twists, flavors leap to new (but comfortable) heights. Marinated artichokes add compatible texture and taste to a roasted garlic aioli. Orange juice lends a sweet tang to a red pepper relish. Watercress and yogurt revitalize a cucumber sauce. Mangoes take on a rich smoky flavor from dried chipotle chilies. And a creamy mustard-dill sauce gets a jolt from green peppercorns.

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All of these sauces ― and the salmon ― can be prepared hours ahead. Just pull your sauce of choice and the salmon from the refrigerator, and the main course for dinner is ready in minutes.

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