Quick recipes for this versatile fish

Like the little black dress that accessorizes up or down for the occasion, sole is the fish that adjusts for style. Delicately flavored and unassertive, it provides an elegant foundation for simple to complex seasonings.

Fish notes: All sole are members of the flounder family. You’ll find the largest variety at a fish market. Choices may include petrale, English, sand, and Rex sole, starry flounder, and sand dabs (usually whole). Boned sole fillets vary considerably in size ― from 2 to 8 ounces, depending upon the variety. Some fillets are skinned, others aren’t, as the skin is very thin and tender. To make these dishes, choose thin fillets; thicker pieces will take a bit longer to cook.


Asparagus Sole Rolls

Tapenade Sole Bundles

Vodka-Pepper Stuffed Sole

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