Put savory seafood fillings between tortillas for layers of fun


Fish Stacks with Mexican Crema

Garlic Shrimp Stacks

Tortillas are folded and rolled around countless mixtures in Mexican entrées. But in Mexico City recently, I learned a simple lesson: You don’t have to bend tortillas to create a festive dish. They make a big impression just stacked with seafood and melty cheeses.

Carmen Titita Ramirez Degollado, who has introduced true cocina mexicana to many foreigners ― and reintroduced it to numerous locals ― at her El Bajio restaurant, suggests serving fish with oregano and tomatoes. Chef Felix Arias at Villa Maria restaurant, where the menu is based on foods from his native state of Tabasco, creates layers with an easy shrimp sauté. We’ve adapted their ideas for stacks that make great centerpieces for a family fiesta or small dinner party.

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