For the prettiest cheese plate ever, embellish rounds of soft cheese with edible flowers and herbs from the garden

Take your entertaining game to the next level with this stunning cheese plate hack. Use flower petals and herbs to decorate mild soft cheeses on your cheese board for a whimsical decorative touch. You’ll want to choose eye-catching edible flowers and herb stems. We designed three looks: one using red gem marigolds, a second using bee balm and borage, and a third using garlic chive stems and blossoms. To start, dip flowers in a bowl of cold water to clean. Remove flower heads with pruners. Then using tweezers or your fingers, carefully arrange flowers atop the cheeses either scattered or in a pattern of your choice: mimicking a flower shape, in spirals, in a fan shape, or other fun arrangements that strike your fancy. Serve with crackers and wine for the ultimate party spread that your guests will swoon over!

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