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Who: Jessica Mordo, Senior Editor,

This year, I’m determined to: Eat more fish.

I chose this because: Omega-3’s for days, and not in capsule form. Bonus: Not only is the super-nutrient good for my health, but it can also give my winter-chapped skin and hair a nice boost.

So far, the challenge is going: Easier, now that I’ve decided to focus my efforts solely on myself and not rope my family into the challenge. No picky appetites to satisfy, just my own tastes. But even with that freedom, I still haven’t found a home-run dish. I bought frozen wild Alaskan salmon, defrosted it, and poached it for a lunch recipe. It tasted fine, but only fine - clearly not as good as a fresh piece, although that would’ve set me back quite a bit of cash. The recipe I used it in (more on that below) was tasty, but kind of laborious compared to the quick lunches I usually throw together. So in that regard it felt kind of fancy, but also kind of a pain. Am I just overcomplicating this challenge? I mean, it’s supposed to be a challenge, but I can make it a lot easier on myself, right?

My lunch. A little oh-la-la compared to my usual, but a lot of work to put together.

My biggest temptation to cheat: Convenience. Why am I defrosting and poaching a filet when I can crack open a can of beans and throw some into my salad instead?

Coping mechanism(s): Looking for easier ways to incorporate fish. Bagel and lox, perhaps? Feel free to comment with any suggestions.

A recipe I’m really digging: Sunset’s Poached Salmon Niçoise. As I mentioned above, there were a few too many steps involved for a lunch recipe; in my jam-packed schedule, it’s hard to justify boiling potatoes, steaming green beans, hard-boiling eggs, and poaching fish all in the name of a salad. However, I love me a Niçoise and prefer salmon over tuna, so this recipe provided a nice twist on a classic. Maybe I’ll make it another time for dinner, when I have more time to cook.

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