Yes, of course, the beans you use are important. But don’t forget to use fresh, filtered water for the best possible cup.

Cup of Black Coffee
Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Aharon Coffee is a Los Angeles-based roaster and purveyor supplying beans to premiere businesses throughout the region. A favorite of the Sunset Staff, Aharon Coffee will bring you inside the world of high-quality coffee in this weekly series. For more information, visit the Aharon Coffee website.

Use the Right Water

For crying out loud, don’t use tap water to brew your coffee. Why? Because tap water is known to have a high TDS (total dissolved solids) count—with minerals that are harmless to drink but detrimental to the flavor of a great cup of coffee. And that goes for any brew method—espresso, drip machine, pour over, Chemex, French press, Turkish, you name it.

So, what water does Aharon recommend you use? Not the high pH (alkaline) water. Alkaline water may be great for your health, but it is not good for producing yummy coffee. Just use simple bottled water, or tap water that’s been filtered in your home filtration machine.

If you’ve been using straight tap water to make your coffee all this time, you will be amazed at how good your coffee is about to taste.

Essential Coffee Gear

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The Digital ScaleThe High-End Espresso Maker
The Burr GrinderThe Pour-Over Stand
AeroPressThe French Press
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