Cold brew coffee may seem like it’s unavailable to us mortals, but you can make it at home pretty easily—it just takes time.

Cold Brew with Milk
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Aharon Coffee is a Los Angeles-based roaster and purveyor supplying beans to premiere businesses throughout the region. A favorite of the Sunset Staff, Aharon Coffee will bring you inside the world of high-quality coffee in this weekly series. For more information, visit the Aharon Coffee website.

During the hot days of summer, we sell double, triple, and sometimes 10 times the regular amount of cold brew at our Beverly Hills 90212 coffee shop/coffee roastery.

But even in the winter, we have many regulars who will order cold brew no matter how windy, rainy, and chilly it may be outside.

And who can blame them? When Aharon Vaknin, founder and visionary of Aharon Coffee, first developed his cold brew, he played with the ratios and roast profile for weeks in order to achieve the best cold brew he had ever tasted. Aharon Cold Brew Coffee is crisp, smooth, and well-balanced, and has a chocolate note and a naturally sweet flavor that makes it a knockout in the cold brew category.

Then there’s the caffeine content…

Because the coffee steeps for hours and hours in the water, cold brew coffee is the most caffeinated coffee (by the ounce) available.

Ready to do this yourself?

7 Steps to Amazing Cold Brew Coffee

Start with the Best Coffee

In our store, we always use Movito for Aharon cold brew, and it delivers a fantastic flavor. But at home, you can play around. Find the coffee with the flavor notes that you will love.

Choose a Vessel

We use a giant food-grade covered bucket to make our cold brew at the cafe, but at home, you can opt for a pitcher, an oversized Mason jar, or any large vessel with a lid that you feel comfortable using.

You can also opt for a very affordable cold brewer like this one which makes the process a bit easier because it already has the filter built-in.

Use a Coarse Grind

Coffee should be ground even coarser for cold brew then for French press. The more surface area, the better. If you want your beans to last longer, invest in a grinder.

We love this Encore by Baratza. If you will consume the beans within a week or so, you can ask us to grind your coffee for you.

Fill Vessel with Room-Temperature Water

Please don’t use unfiltered water, your coffee will not taste amazing. The ratio of water to coffee is very important! One 12oz bag of coffee can be brewed with 96oz of water.

Weigh Coffee, Submerge into Water for 16 Hours

Use a nut-milk bag like this one to put the coffee in before submerging.

The brewing should take place at room temperature. Technically, “cold brew” should really be called “Room Temp” brew but we can all agree which name sounds better.

Filter the Coffee

After the 16 hours of brewing, pour your coffee through a cone with a paper filter snugly tucked inside. This will catch the natural oils along with any loose grains and result in a supremely crisp cold brew. Let as much of the coffee drip into the vessel as possible before throwing (or composting) the wet grounds.

(If you use the OXO cold brewer, it filters the cold brew for you.)

Refrigerate and/or Pour over Ice and Enjoy

(Like this really needed to be a step.)

Cold brewing pro tip: Make cold brew ice cubes. Fill an ice cube tray with cold brew, so when you enjoy your coffee over ice, it never gets watery.

Essential Coffee Gear

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The Burr GrinderThe Pour-Over Stand
AeroPressThe French Press
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