Top 8 ferry trips

Get your open-water fix, fast and cheap, from an all-day ferry trip amid breaching orcas to a 10-minute ride on California's last family-owned operation

Coronado Ferry, San Diego
Photo courtesy of Marine Group Boat Works; written by Peter Fish

15-minute therapy session: Coronado Ferry, San Diego

Onboard: Think of this quick cruise from downtown to Coronado Island as maritime Zoloft. There’s something about the ride—the sparkling bay water, the San Diego skyline glinting in the warm sun—that makes it impossible to stay in a bad mood. You could in fact be on your way to a root canal, and the Coronado Ferry would cheer you up.

On land: Bikes ride for free on the ferry, and flat, manicured Coronado is an idyllic place to pedal. $4.25;


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