Top 10 romantic cottages

Cuddle up at one of our favorite retreats, from Kauai to Colorado

Waimea Plantation Cottages
Photo: Thomas J. Story

1. Waimea, HI

Once you lay eyes on your cute little cottage that's been rescued from a shuttered sugarcane plantation, spruced up, and set here in a grassy coconut grove, your guidebook of Kauai's must-see sights doesn't stand a chance. Spend mornings drinking coffee on the porch before wandering under the banyan trees to a lonely hammock to collapse hip to hip, long-neglected novels in hand. At night, as a ceiling fan stirs over your quilted bed, the whooshing of the waves lulls you to sleep. 61 cottages with kitchens from $220; or 800/992-4632.
-Lisa Trottier

2. San Diego, CA

Perched on a historic pier, these clapboard cottages are as close to the Pacific as you can get without having to hoist a jib. Lots of places tout their oceanfront setting, but these go one better: Try oceantop, with the sea lapping beneath your bed as fresh salt air pours through the windows. With kitchenettes and killer sunsets, Crystal Pier is a wonderful place to hole up on a winter's weekend. Just plan ahead; they fill up early. 24 cottages from $235; or 800/748-5894.
-Matthew Jaffe



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