Hot-weather varieties

Choose from a variety of veggies to grow in hot weather zones

Summer school

Letters adjacent to vegetable names refer to sources listed below.

BUSH BEANS. 'Xera' (J) is compact and consistently produces small, fine-flavored beans.

CUCUMBERS. 'Tasty Green Hybrid' (B) produces beautiful, flavorful fruits.

EGGPLANTS. 'Machiaw' (J), 'Neon' (J), and 'Zebra' (J) are gorgeous, productive, and tasty.

MELONS. 'Savor' (J), a French Charentais melon, and 'Golden Crown' (W) have exceptional flavor. 'Calsweet' (L) watermelon is a reliable producer.

PEPPERS. Medium-hot 'Cherry Bomb' (T) and sweet 'Biscayne' (T) are tasty and ornamental.

TOMATOES. For sweet flavor, choose 'Sun Gold' (J, T) and 'Super Sweet 100' (B) cherry tomatoes; 'Ace 55' (T) and 'Quick Pick' (T) full-size red varieties; 'Carolina Gold' (S) and 'Lemon Boy' (T) yellow and orange tomatoes; and heirlooms 'Evergreen' (T) and 'Brandywine' (T).


(B) W. Atlee Burpee & Co. (800) 888-1447.

(J) Johnny's Selected Seeds (207) 437-4301.

(L) Lockhart Seeds (209) 466-4401.

(S) Stokes Seeds (800) 396-9238.

(T) Tomato Growers Supply Company (888) 478-7333.

(W) West Coast Seeds (604) 952-8820.

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