Choose from a variety of veggies to grow in hot weather zones

Lance Walheim,  – October 30, 2004

Summer school

Letters adjacent to vegetable names refer to sources listed below.

BUSH BEANS. ‘Xera’ (J) is compact and consistently produces small, fine-flavored beans.

CUCUMBERS. ‘Tasty Green Hybrid’ (B) produces beautiful, flavorful fruits.

EGGPLANTS. ‘Machiaw’ (J), ‘Neon’ (J), and ‘Zebra’ (J) are gorgeous, productive, and tasty.

MELONS. ‘Savor’ (J), a French Charentais melon, and ‘Golden Crown’ (W) have exceptional flavor. ‘Calsweet’ (L) watermelon is a reliable producer.

PEPPERS. Medium-hot ‘Cherry Bomb’ (T) and sweet ‘Biscayne’ (T) are tasty and ornamental.

TOMATOES. For sweet flavor, choose ‘Sun Gold’ (J, T) and ‘Super Sweet 100’ (B) cherry tomatoes; ‘Ace 55’ (T) and ‘Quick Pick’ (T) full-size red varieties; ‘Carolina Gold’ (S) and ‘Lemon Boy’ (T) yellow and orange tomatoes; and heirlooms ‘Evergreen’ (T) and ‘Brandywine’ (T).


(B) W. Atlee Burpee & Co. (800) 888-1447.

(J) Johnny’s Selected Seeds (207) 437-4301.

(L) Lockhart Seeds (209) 466-4401.

(S) Stokes Seeds (800) 396-9238.

(T) Tomato Growers Supply Company (888) 478-7333.

(W) West Coast Seeds (604) 952-8820.

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