A Sunset-picked roundup of some of the best outdoor and active gear for women.

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There is no doubt that we are living in the most opportune time to be an outdoor gear enthusiast. From water-purifying straws to campers with electric fireplaces, being equipped for the outdoors has never been better. But in an industry long-dominated by men, has this advancement adequately accommodated women?

Earlier developments in women’s apparel oftentimes used the “pink and shrink it” method, taking men’s accessories, downsizing them, and converting them to a girly color. Prior to that, women were seldom even considered during the manufacturing process, with female options made available only once the sales of the men’s product proved successful.

Adding to this disparity is the science of it all. Simply put, women are built differently. Even “our center of gravity is different,” said Kelsey McGrew of Outside Public Relations. “Our center is in our hips, while men’s are in their shoulders, which is why in yoga women have an advantage for balancing and men have an advantage for shoulder stands.”

Now, however, that physical distinction has been adapted for female gear courtesy of the women spearheading the design and creative efforts. With that in mind, we are happy to bring you a list of Sunset’s favorite outdoor gear crafted specifically with women in mind.