Christine Ryan

Here's a holiday getaway anyone but a Scrooge will love. (Eric Hernandez/Look Photography/El Capitan Canyon)

News flash: You don’t have to spend the holidays cooped up at home—you could be camping. Why not celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s in one of nine safari tents pitched at Napa’s Pope Valley Winery? TerraVelo Tours will do all the work, of course: cooking your meals; making the beds (yes, beds); and organizing wine tours and truffle hunts ($2,600/person/4 nights). Or, if waves are your thing, head to El Capitan Canyon resort west of Santa Barbara. Here, your lodging options range from safari tents to yurts to cedar-sided cabins (above, from $145/night), and your days can be spent surfing, hiking, or riding the sand on a beach cruiser. Don’t worry—Santa will still be able to find you, even if there’s no chimney. 

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