The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on Thursday that PreCheck services have expanded to include nine new airlines

TSA Line
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Now, passengers flying Air India, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Elite Airways, EVA Airways, Japan Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, and Volaris will be able to use their TSA PreCheck privileges and pass through security without removing their shoes, laptops, or liquids.

The new addition now increases the total number of PreCheck partner airlines to 65.

“By continuing to expand TSA PreCheck and engaging more and more with our international partners, we are increasing the overall effectiveness of the security we provide, raising the baseline of global aviation security, and improving the passenger experience,” Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement.

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However this expansion also means that there will be nine new airlines’ worth of people passing through the PreCheck lines. For years, PreCheck members have complained about the length of lines and the funneling in of passengers without PreCheck status.

According to the administration, 94 percent of PreCheck passengers waited less than five minutes to pass through security checkpoints.

TSA PreCheck status is available for $85 for five years. Passengers who frequently travel internationally should consider applying for Global Entry, which costs $100 for five years.

When PreCheck was first introduced in 2013, the initial airlines included were Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways (now part of American), and Virgin America (now Alaska).
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