Southwest Airlines and Chase have partnered for an amazing 2019 offer

Southwest Is Giving New Credit Card Holders a One-Year Companion Pass — and It’s Seriously Unheard Of


Credit card companies are well-known for offering great perks to new customers, but a new offer from Chase and Southwest Airlines surely takes the cake.

The credit card giant — which is already one of the best in the game for travelers — announced that for a limited time, people who apply for any of their co-branded credit cards with Southwest will not only be granted 30,000 miles but will also be able to earn a Companion Pass as a bonus.

What that means is if you apply and are accepted for the card you can then book free airfare tickets for a companion (friend, family member, your favorite dog walker… maybe some writer named Stacey Leasca, if you’re feeling so inclined) on flights throughout the year. All you need to do is pay the taxes and fees.

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Of course, this offer does come with a little catch. In order to earn the sign-up bonus, once accepted, cardholders must spend $4,000 on the card within the first three months of opening it, Business Insider reported. The offer is only available until Feb. 11, which means you better apply now and start spending some serious cash as soon as possible. This Companion Pass also has one big restriction: It’s is only good until Dec. 31, 2019. (Traditionally, the points earned Companion Pass is valid for the rest of the same calendar year it’s earned as well as the entirety of the next calendar year.)

But still, going on a shopping spree may be worth it when you consider just how much you may be able to save on airfare for your next family tripromantic getaway for two, or just a buddy weekend. Moreover, it’s worth it simply for being able to brag that you actually obtained a coveted Companion Pass in the first place, which is notoriously hard to gain off travel miles alone. As Business Insider reported, a Companion Pass is normally obtained when one traveler has earned 110,000 qualifying points with Southwest within a single calendar year, making it nearly impossible for mere mortals to get their hands on.

To get your buddy pass now just apply for the Southwest Priority Card, the Rapid Rewards Plus, or the Rapid Rewards Premiere. Then, start planning your Companion Pass travels.
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