Explore your own city or new ones with the search giant’s latest travel info upgrades

Google Maps’ Latest Features Make It the Ultimate Local Travel Resource
Stephen Kacirek / Getty Images

Google already has an answer for everything, but now it’s diving even deeper into the local scene and getting personal. Google Maps just introduced new features to help you navigate cities all over the world, so you can find the best spots for your taste, whether in your own home town or while traveling far, far away.

Among the updates is an expansion of the Explore tab, which will match you with the top hot spots for whatever you’re looking for, be it a cozy café to get some work done or a romantic eatery for your next date night. Using the search engine’s algorithms along with intel from local experts, Explore will clue you into the best places to hit according to category—whether that’s brunch, sandwiches, or rooftop cocktails. Determined to hit every top slice shop in Little Italy? The app will also help you weed out the crème de la crème of any category, using trending lists from local guides like The Infatuation, so you won’t pass up the city’s best pizza for something disappointingly mediocre.

Google Maps has also ramped up its ability to track down local happenings in your area, based on exactly what you’re looking for. Want to find the best playground to take the kids this weekend? Search with specific criteria and check out reviews and photos to make sure it fits the bill. There’s even a new numeric rating system that uses your location history to read your preferences for places you’ve been and matches you up with places you’re likely to enjoy for the future.

The brand-new “For you” tab also tracks new happenings in your hood or in places you visit often, so you’re always in the know about new restaurants and exciting local events.

And in terms of getting to where you’re going faster, Google Maps has finally introduced Waze navigation app’s popular incident reporting feature, so you’re privy to the road work and accidents happening along your route. Happy travels!

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