Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Off the grid luxury. Accessible only by seaplane, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, is a luxurious, multi-sport mountain destination tucked away in the Alaskan backcountry, offering a full immersion into the state’s wild beauty. Olympic gold medalist and guide Tommy Moe, and Alaska heli ski pioneer Mike Overcast, owners of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, have been sharing thrilling outdoor sports experiences with adventure seekers from around the world. Known for pioneering more new heli-ski terrain than anyone in Alaska, the group combines years of exploring and mapping this area with the industry’s most accomplished backcountry guides to offer amazing Alaska experiences year round.


Summer pricing for 3-day stays start at $8,950 per person. Winter pricing starts at $17,500 per person and $210,000 for exclusive use of the lodge during winter season.


Judd Lake, Alaska

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