SWS Mountain Guides Mexico Volcanoes Expedition

A one-of-a-kind cultural experience in Mexico. Offering the opportunity to climb 3 volcanoes in this 10-day trip—Pico De Orizaba (3rd tallest peak on the North American continent), Iztaccihuatl, and La Malinche. The trip begins in Puebla, where guests will have the chance to explore the vibrant city and culinary scene before heading to the stunning volcanic landscapes of Mexico. Witness breathtaking views of the stars and experience the thrill of reaching the summits of these awe-inspiring volcanoes. This expedition is a great opportunity for those seeking a unique and challenging adventure, all while exploring the beauty of Mexico.


Starts at $225 for the introduction to ice axe skills courses


110 Alpine Street
Mt Shasta, CA 96067

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