Chez Maggy


Chez Maggy is the latest destination from Michelin-starred chef Ludo Lefebvre who brought his culinary magic one year ago to Denver’s latest hotel, Thompson Denver, a modern chalet in the heart of the LoDo district. Chez Maggie merges a traditional French brasserie meets Mile High style as Chef Lefebvre leans into his roots and heritage to create a unique approach to classic French cuisine using elements and ingredients native to Colorado. Chez Maggy is a love-letter to Margaret, Ludo’s mother-in-law who lived life to help others right in Colorado. It’s also a celebration of the land of Ludo’s childhood: Burgundy, a place steeped in natural beauty and a deep connection to the Earth. Chez Maggy pays homage to Ludo’s French roots while synthesizing his rich culinary traditions with the naturally-abundant ingredients of the Mountain West. At Chez Maggy, he reimagines Continental Cuisine at the Continental Divide.




1616 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202

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