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Bull's Bay by Olivia Rae James, $50

Our garden design assistant Lauren Dunec Hoang is getting ready to move into a new place and asked me where to find affordable art to fill those bare walls. Lauren, I GET YOU. Someday we'll both have the cash to throw behind a more serious collection, but there are still great options for less than $100.

Here's what Lauren said about her tastes: Since I’m moving from an apartment with a rambling backyard (lemon trees, apples, nectarines, loquats, and tons of lilacs) to an apartment with no outside space, I really want some nature-inspired prints to bring the outdoors in. 

She pointed out Katherine Wolkoff's "Deer Beds" photographs as a favorite (I love those, too!), here are some with a similar feel:


Bildudalar by Tom Kondrat, $60 for 11" x 11"

Buffalo by Troy Moth, $50 for an 11" x 14"

Lauren's also got a soft spot for cacti and succulents, so I tracked down some options with those as the subject just in case:

Cactus Print, $53.28

Cactus by Leah Duncan, $38 for 11" x 14"

Cactus by Amber Barkley, $48 for 28" x 28"

Max Wanger's hazy beach shots have the "swaths of color" she likes. Here's a few that have similar color palettes and composition.

Praia Piquinia 28/08/11 15h24, $60 for 14" x 11" (many of his prints are sold out, so see his whole collection here)

Canyon by Shay Spaniola, $90

Beach by Ally Coxon, $50 for 28" x 22"

And because Lauren loves plants and a runner, I'm also recommending she check out this collection by fellow plant lover and runner Frances Ooi called What I See When I Run. He collects interesting plant specimens on his runs near his home in Singapore, then photographs them as stark silhouettes.


Enlightenment-Echiveria, $30 and Eight Schefflera Arboricola, $40

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