Experience amazing coastline, wildlife, the aurora borealis, Yosemite, and more.

Winter destinations can be difficult to choose. There are many exciting places that are either at their best or only available in winter, but going somewhere in its off-season so you can enjoy it without massive crowds is incredibly alluring. Whatever your preference, the West is full of beautiful destinations that are perfect for a winter getaway.

If you’re looking for winter-specific trips, you can hide away in a cabin in the snowy forest of Arizona’s White Mountains. Or for fans of nature, if you head over to the Chupadera Mountains in New Mexico, you’ll get to see the seasonal migration of the sandhill cranes, And of course, traveling to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis is never not a life-changing experience.

For taking advantage of the off-season, national parks are always a good choice. Yosemite and Death Valley are famously crowded, but in winter they’re nearly empty, covered in snow, and free of the intense summer heat. The Pacific Northwest is also in its off-season during the winter, meaning places like Astoria, Oregon, and Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula are much easier to visit.

Wherever you end up, you’ll be surrounded by the impressive vistas and awe-inspiring landscapes that have drawn people to the West for centuries.

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