A Pacific Northwest-serving app wants you to experience the glory of the parks this summer

Get Free Park Admission with This Rideshare Service
Courtesy of ReachNow

Ride- and carshare services have plenty of perks—they’re environmentally and budget-friendly, not to mention convenient, especially when you live in a city where parking is a hassle and garage rental is a luxury. Seattle and Portland residents can now add one more perk to this list.

ReachNow, a Seattle-based division of BMW, is designed for car and ride-sharing, all in one easy-to-use app. Whether trying to get from one place to the next as a passenger or looking for a set of wheels to run some weekend errands, it’s as easy as logging into the app and booking a ride. ReachNow also wants to encourage its members to get outdoors, by way of free park admission with every car rental to Washington and Oregon State Parks.

As part of the Wild Within Reach campaign, the company will donate $30 to Washington or Oregon State Parks Foundations for every ReachNow trip taken to a state park this summer. Much of their fleet will also be outfitted with state park passes, and members can earn additional $10 promo codes to use on rides by sharing photos of their park excursions on Instagram and tagging @reachnow with #WildWithinReach.

If you’re planning a weekend camping trip outside of the city, ReachNow cars are also available for overnight trips for up to five days. And in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no shortage of beautiful parks to explore.

“With more than 120 parks across the state, there’s a staggering variety of natural, cultural and historical sites to visit,” says John Floberg, Executive Director of the Washington State Parks Foundation. “The donations ReachNow makes for each trip will help ensure that our parks will remain destinations of choice.” Both Washington and Oregon State Parks systems are looking forward to increased park accessibility for urban-dwelling locals who will now be able to visit the parks more easily. What are you waiting for?