Foodies with a sense of adventure, take note: a pop-up restaurant is opening in the most elevated and exclusive locale imaginable

Himalayas in Nepal
Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

This June, ten diners can experience Triyogyoni at 17,600 feet, on the face of Mount Everest. The event will commence eight days earlier, when participants depart from the Nepalese town of Lukla, headed for perhaps the most unforgettable meal of their lives. Not a hiker? There’s also the option to helicopter in, though a 35-mile trek is sure to make every bite taste all the better. Following the trek to the Everest basecamp, chef Sanjay Thakur will serve seven courses of organic Indian cuisine featuring spices the group has foraged along the climb. The chef, who has represented India in the incredibly prestigious world chef competition, Bocuse d’Or, began the project as an effort to raise awareness on sustainability, and maybe even break a Guinness World Record along the way.

For his high-altitude dining experience, he and chef partner Soundararajan Palaniappan will use sustainably-sourced ingredients to build a meal influenced by Indian and Nepalese cuisines as well as the practice of Ayurveda. With respect to their hosting venue, they’ll leave no trace behind on the mountaintop, and will also donate proceeds to local charities that support and protect the Himalayan Reserve.

The experience rings in at $5,600, including flights and accommodations—pricier than the standard for Everest excursions, but how many people can say they’ve enjoyed fine dining on the so-called “rooftop of the world”? Make a reservation by emailing the chef himself, and start training.