Keep yourself protected during your time in the great outdoors

5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay
Thomas J. Story
If you’re going camping, traveling to areas with Zika virus, or simply want to avoid losing sleep scratching itchy bug bites, there are plenty of ways to limit exposure to mosquitoes. Watch the video to learn five simple ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites. RELATED: Victoria’s Secret perfume repels mosquitoes, according to research Don’t have time to watch? Here’s the full transcript: Hunt for breeding grounds: Dump out even the tiniest puddles of water. Blow them away: A box fan aimed at your legs is enough to deter mosquitoes. Tweak your wardrobe: Limit loose-weave cotton and linen. Pick tighter weaves that mosquitoes can’t bite through. RELATED: Everything you must know about mosquitoes this summer Stretch indoors: Exercise increases CO2 production, which attracts mosquitoes. You can outrun them—just take your cool down inside. Wear repellent: It’s the best way to protect yourself. Skip wristbands and candles—they don’t prevent bites.