Great Idaho lakes

During World War II, nearly 300,000 American sailorsconverged on the Farragut Naval Training Station, on the southernend of Lake Pend Oreille. Today, 4,000-acre Farragut State Park isthe naval station’s direct legacy.

One of the Northwest’s largest and deepest freshwater lakes,Lake Pend Oreille has 110 miles of shoreline. Much of it isundeveloped. But on the northwestern end, Sandpoint has grown intoa thriving resort community, filled with shops and art galleriesthat would have surprised the ’40s GIs.

LODGING. Best Western Edgewater Resort: in Sandpoint alongside LakePend Oreille; from $129; (208) 263-3194 or (800) 635-2534. Red Fir Resort: near the town of Hope; 12 lakeside cabinsfrom $85; (208) 264-5287 or

CAMPING. Farragut State Park has RV and tent sites; from$12; (208) 683-2425.

CONTACT. Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce: (208)263-2161, (800) 800-2610, or J.H.

When legendary Jesuit Father Peter Jean DeSmet discoveredthis lake in the 1840s, he named it and the twin-horned peak thattowers nearby after a former teacher, Father J.P. Roothaan. Themountain still retains the Jesuit mentor’s name, but the lake’smoniker has simplified to “Priest.” And anyone who has spent aquiet evening along Priest Lake’s shores knows how this19-mile-long thumb of water ministers to the soul.

LODGING. Elkins Resort on Priest Lake: from $765 per week; (208)443-2432 or Hill’s Resort: from $985 per week; (208) 443-2551 or

CAMPING. U.S.D.A. Forest Service campgrounds: from $8; (208)443-2512. Indian Creek and Lionhead campgrounds: from $9; (208)443-2200.

CONTACT. Priest Lake Chamber of Commerce: (888) 774-3785 or – J.H.



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