What some call bad weather is just another chance to get creative in Seattle. See how the locals coped with #snowpocalypse.

Seattle Snowboarding
@equalmotion / Instagram

 Snow isn’t unheard of in Seattle, but the city famous for its rain is having the snowiest month in 50 years. 20 inches of the white stuff has fallen on the region since the beginning of the month. Schools have been closed all week, and temperatures haven’t been much above freezing, meaning much of the snow is sticking.

If that sounds like a recipe for gloom, well, then you don’t know Seattle. City residents don’t stay indoors just because a little precipitation is falling. Take a look at what this energetic, imaginative, and—it has to be said–highly caffeinated city has done with its blanket of snow.

On the one hand, not much changed—families still went for walks around the neighborhood.

Locals were still conscientious about composting.

Grilling still happened.

And it never got too cold for beer.

But there’s no denying that six inches of snow made getting around a challenge.

So Seattleites decided to have fun with it, turning Queen Anne Hill into a terrain park…

…And local landmarks into off-piste playgrounds.

Board-joring became a thing.

No sled? No problem. The Emerald City’s DIY kids got their slide on in creative ways.

Not even lack of a natural hill slowed down the action—Seattle knows how to get resourceful.