Go on a custom-made trip to one of the West’s best national parks, minus the crowds

National Parks Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before
Thomas J. Story

Since Yellowstone was founded in 1872, millions of Americans and foreigners alike have traversed the hiking trails, camped under tree canopies, and glimpsed the majestic natural wonders that abound in our national parks.

But even visiting these glorious destinations comes with a downside: the frustrating crowds that come with high season. Marty Behr, a Stanford grad and park devotee, set out to change the way people visit the parks after spending two years exploring them himself and finding that many of their most beautiful parts are largely unknown to the average traveler.

His company, Revealed America, custom-tailors your trip for you, complete with private guides, personalized activities and accommodations, and an altogether unique experience of the parks west of the Mississippi, for families and travelers looking to get away from an ordinary trip in the great outdoors.

Want to see Grand Canyon vistas rarely accessed by the public? Done. Looking to get your glamp on, or stay in a cozy vacation rental with chef-prepped meals? No problem. Revealed America might even be able to help you get the kids off of their smart phones and into nature, with wildlife-packed outings and adventures like river-rafting, kayaking, and horseback riding.  The company is all about showcasing the parks in their best light, paying special attention to lesser-known sights that a rental car and park map could never show you.

The best part? Many of the expert guides work for nonprofit organizations like Western National Parks Association and Yellowstone Forever, so portions of your vacation go right back toward supporting maintenance and preservation of the parks themselves.

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