Guests can enjoy dog sledding, tubing, a private ice rink, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, archery, and a private baseball field.

Dunbar Ranch
Courtesy of Dunbar Ranch

In the hit 1989 film Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella tells Archie Graham (Burt Lancaster), a baseball player who cracked a major league roster only to never get a single at-bat, that “it would kill some men to get so close to their dream and not touch it. God, they’d consider it a tragedy.”

Fortunately for Costner, he experienced no such tragedy when it came to finding his dream living situation. Now, the Hollywood star is inviting you to stay at his sprawling Dunbar Ranch nestled deep in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Aptly named for Costner’s character Lt. John Dunbar in his 1990 Oscar-winning film Dances With Wolves, the 160-acre property, which sits just 10 minutes from downtown Aspen, comes with three separate houses that can accommodate up to 34 people. Depending on the season, guests can enjoy dog sledding, tubing, a private ice rink, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, archery, a private baseball field—for Field of Dreams fans—and more.

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And it can all be yours for $36,000 a night.

Obviously, this might sound like monetary masochism for those of us firmly entrenched on the outside of the seven-figure-and-above salary club, but if 33 of your closest friends pitch in, it takes some of the sting away, especially with costs comparable to luxury stays in the neighboring ski haven of Aspen.

Costner’s decision to rent out the ranch comes after a demanding filming schedule on the set of the series Yellowstone has kept the actor in Montana, Travel and Leisure first reported.

Much like the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch on the show, Costner’s property emanates the kind of rustic charm—and a distinct Taylor Sheridan-infused lawlessness—that exemplifies luxury mountain living.

“Anything you could ever want is right here,” realtor Amy Mottier says in a promotional video. “There’s an overwhelming sense of serenity when you enter the property.”

Look no further than the property’s six-bed, six-bath main house that serves as the Dunbar Ranch crown jewel. Overlooking the Roaring Fork river, the main house comes replete with a trap door, accessible from its master suite, that spills out onto a flight of meandering stairs leading to a secluded hot tub grotto.

The other two houses are no slouches, either, each offering stunning views, dreamlike aesthetics, and immediate access to an array of recreational activities.

Finally, weddings and other events are also welcome, along with an extensive à la carte menu of services.

So, have any interest in living like Kevin Costner for a couple nights or just want to “Ooo” and “Ahh” for a bit? Visit the property’s official page.

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