Ventana Inn & Spa

Big Sur, California

It’s a good thing the Ventana Inn & Spa is on more than 200 acres of pristine California coast, because something has to lure you out of your room. This low-key but luxurious resort is so plush and comfy—with luxe beds, private decks, spa tubs, fireplaces, and flat-screen TVs—it’s tempting to spend your stay in a bathrobe with room service on speed dial. But that would be a shame, because Ventana’s real strength is its location. As soon as you step outside, you’re rewarded with heart-stopping views of the Pacific (or an equally beautiful sea of fog), the unmistakable smell of coyote brush and coastal sage, and access to 300 miles of hiking trails through the Ventana Wilderness. The inn also has a hiking concierge service to help find just the right route.

Last Reviewed
May 2015


48123 State 1
Big Sur, CA