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Unlike The Arches, few visitors take on all of Canyonlands in one day. It stretches across more than 500 square-miles. Regardless, this grand park is a must-see when staying in Moab. When coming from town drive through Dead Horse State Park. This gem hosts Dead Horse Point Overlook, which definitely warrants a photo stop.

Travelers tight on time, like myself, can explore Island in the Sky. Check out Grand View Point Trail, a level 2-mile walk with 360-degree views overlooking Colorado and Green rivers. You can also explore Mesa Arch, a hefty formation hanging above an 800-foot drop, accessible via a mellow .5 mile trail.

Dinosaur tracksNow that you’ve had your fill of canyons and arches, venture off the beaten path for historic dinosaur footprints. These T-Rex and Brontosaurus tracks are at the end of a long dirt road, which isn’t advisable for for most vehicles when wet. Oddly enough, there aren’t any guards or preserving mechanisms around these pre-historic findings, so they’ll erode. With that said, do your part by taking photos alongside the print instead of within it.

Kimberly Gomes / Sunset Publishing

How to get here:Drive about 15 miles North of Moab along I-191. Upon passing the 141 highway mile marker, turn right onto the dirt road. Continue until you see the dead end with the trailhead sign.

Like all good travels, the end is inevitable. This marks the final leg of my Boulder to Utah road trip. Eager to tack on more national parks to your Southwestern travels? Check out Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Kimberly Gomes / Sunset Publishing

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