Video courtesy of Broken Dove Productions

Of all the great food cities in the West, Oakland stands out for the sheer diversity of its deliciousness. With 125 languages spoken here, the city’s culinary scene mirrors its vibrant cultural makeup and offers a bounty of options to travelers looking for food made with personal passion and California produce and pride. Whether you’re a Michelin-watching culinarian looking for the next big chef, a foodie adventurer seeking plant-based transcendence on the city’s robust vegan trail, or just want to satisfy a craving for a darned good taco, the Oakland epic food scene has dishes, restaurants, and vibes to match any taste: award-winning barbecue, meticulously crafted cocktails, Central- and South-American delights, East- and South-Asian specialties, superlative seafood, and so much more. Oakland is where the future of food is evolving in real time, dish by dish. Your challenge? Deciding where to eat first! To dial in your dining itinerary on your next visit, use this directory of local restaurants and get ready to be satisfied by this exceptional culinary destination.