Make hiking and camping with your dog easier on yourself with some of our favorite products to pack.

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Packing for a camping trip for two is tough enough, so adding another living being can be a fun packing challenge. Adding a 110 lb. creature drooling all over the backseat is an even more fun packing challenge, one that quickly fills up our cargo space, so my partner and I need to be smart and selective when traveling with him.

It’s easy to fill up your whole car with dog gear before finding a place for your own hiking shoes, but there are a few key items to pack on any dog-friendly camping or glamping trip that will make your getaway safer, easier, and comfier.

Simple things are often overlooked, like a water bottle and water supply just for the pet, or your dog’s own first aid kit. Then there’s the simple things you might not even think of, like a night light that functions both as a campsite light and guiding flashlight for a pet’s harness. But you also need to keep in mind the worst-case scenarios, with life jackets if you’re near water and an emergency carry sling to transport an injured pup.

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Then, of course, there is the gear that takes things up a notch in terms of convenience. Wilderdog’s collapsible dog bowl and dog food bag, for example, make cleanup easy and meals portable. Kurgo’s dog bed can roll up for easy pack-in and pack-out.

And if you’re on the move during this camping trip, don’t forget specialized leashes for runs and hikes—some leashes even come with belts to carry all the essentials while you’re on the trail.

If you’re hiking, exploring, or just hanging at the campsite for a long weekend away, don’t forget to pack for your pup. We’ve got a few ideas of what to bring below.

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