Ren Fuller

We braved the harsh (okay, harsh but gorgeous) wilderness to find you the best tents, sleeping bags, knives, and cool doodads for any camping adventure.

Matt Bean and Hugh Garvey  – September 30, 2020

There’s a purity about camping that we all just love, these days more than ever before: the closeness to nature, the distance from what passes for civilization, the way that being out in the elements focuses your attention on what matters—the glory of survival, the company of loved ones. Having the right gear with you makes that focus so much easier, which is why we’ve rounded up what we believe are the best tents, shorts, axes, compasses, GPS beacons, motorcycles, and more. Trust in your gear, and your gear will not fail you. Now, get outfitted—and go forth!

Table of Contents:

Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Blankets

Backpacks and Bags

Knives and Axes

Backcountry Essentials

Camping With Pets