It’s going to be fierce

Tyra Banks
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, Tyra Banks is a well-diversified woman. Not only is she a model, television host, entrepreneur, and Harvard extension school graduate, but she’s also apparently a new theme park owner, too.

On Tuesday, the multi-hyphenate announced her plans to build a new modeling theme park that will also be a mall — because like her, all of her projects must be multi-purpose as well. It will be called, what else, Modelland.

“Iconic Supermodel turned Super Entrepreneur Tyra Banks announces her biggest venture yet, Modelland,” a press release stated. “A first-of-its-kind experiential attraction, Modelland will intersect a fantasy version of the modeling world with state-of-the-art interactive entertainment, creative collaborations, curated retail, dining and special events.”

The park, which the press release calls a “breakthrough new attraction,” is set to open in late 2019 at Macerich’s Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California.

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“It’s my calling to bring modeling to the masses,” Banks shared with WWDabout the park she says she’s been working on for the last decade. “It’s a permanent attraction anchoring the mall,” Banks added. “I’m inspired by Disneyland, a place I went to a lot as a child. There is a storyline I have been working on for a year. Anybody can enter and feel like a model.”

The park will be a multi-level ticketed interactive experience, according to Banks.

“Modelland has been 10 intense years in the making,” Banks said in a statement. “It has been my ultimate dream and I have worked tirelessly with laser-focused tunnel vision to bring it to fruition. Modelland will awaken your childlike glee by entertaining and educating in unexpected ways that will make learning about oneself fierce and fun. I want people to feel seen and validated. Modelland will provide the tools for them to do so and empower them to embrace, adorn and celebrate their own unique beauty.”

Though we’re still a little unclear as to what this will all look like, we’re totally here for it. Especially if there’s a space where we can learn to smize.

“Modelland is all about celebrating your flawsome self,” the statement read. “We are fun. We are fierce. We are fantasy. And, we are for real.”

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