Celebrate a century of redwood conservation next month

Get a Free Pass to See One of California’s Grandest Wonders
Thomas J. Story

To stand beside an ancient coastal redwood is a uniquely Californian experience—the breathtakingly beautiful giants aren’t found anywhere else in the world. In celebration of these iconic trees, one of the nation’s premier conservation organizations invites everyone to visit a Golden State park for free.

On October 13th, Save the Redwoods will waive the admission fee to over 100 of California’s redwoods parks. The nonprofit, which celebrates its centennial this year, began in 1918 with the mission to restore and protect the old-growth trees. Since its founding, the organization has “protected more than 200,000 acres of redwood forests and helped create 66 redwood parks and reserves by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding land needed to nurture them.”

To register for a pass to one of the 100+ parks, visit FreeRedwoodsDays.org and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to secure your spot. Availability is limited, so be sure to book your space soon!