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Burners often sport Steampunk looks. (rumata_estorsky / Instagram)

I first found out about Burning Man from a former boss. My mouth dropped open when she told me she got married at the desert festival naked. Burners, as attendees call themselves, love dressing down almost as much as dressing up. Their costumes provide eye-candy on par with Miley Cyrus's outfit shenanigans. But as The New York Times recently reported, there are rules. Here are mine:

1. Be weird. Everyone will accept you here, so wear what you want whether it's gilded ram horns or a full suit in the middle of Black Rock Desert.

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2. Smile. It's a great way to make friends at Burning Man and my personal favorite accessory.

3. Wear play clothes. You're going to dance, bike, run, etc. How about some impromptu Burner yoga?

4. Shield yourself. Goggles, face scarves, and closed shoes with socks are a must to keep out the notorious dust.

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5. Glow. Your friends will never lose you in these neon getups.

6. Show some skin. Even if it's silver. Because when else can you wear so little?

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