Have you heard that Sunset has a massive love affair with Airstreams?  Well, we do. And while we imagine a world of endless summers and Airstreams for everyone, the reality is we can’t all have a silvery bullet proudly parked in our driveway. Lucky for us, there’s a new crop of quirky Airstream hotels that have all the romance of the open road, with none of the heavy towing.

Airstream Hotels
Photographs by Butter
The Tiki
Each of the five trailers at the new Santa Barbara Auto Camp comes with 2 beach cruisers for touring town like a local.
The Santa Barbara Auto camp is in the heart of town, where reasonably priced rooms are rare.
The 1947 Tiki Bus (yes, it’s a bus!) has a hand-carved outrigger bar and its own Tiki God.
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