Photographs by Butter

Have you heard that Sunset has a massive love affair with Airstreams?  Well, we do. And while we imagine a world of endless summers and Airstreams for everyone, the reality is we can’t all have a silvery bullet proudly parked in our driveway. Lucky for us, there’s a new crop of quirky Airstream hotels that have all the romance of the open road, with none of the heavy towing.

Sunset Staff  – September 26, 2017

The Tiki

Each of the five trailers at the new Santa Barbara Auto Camp comes with 2 beach cruisers for touring town like a local.

The Santa Barbara Auto camp is in the heart of town, where reasonably priced rooms are rare.

The 1947 Tiki Bus (yes, it’s a bus!) has a hand-carved outrigger bar and its own Tiki God.

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