Caves are one of the more unique Airbnb categories added as part of the company’s search tool redesign.

leather couches and wood coffee table inside living room with cave walls and ceiling


The thought of sleeping in a cave isn’t one that typically conjures mental images of cozy confines and warm, harmonious living spaces, but a handful of properties in the Southwest are out to change whatever preconceived notions have been instilled by horror films or nature documentaries.

Easily searchable on Airbnb thanks to the website’s new “Caves” category—part of a search tool redesign that now includes 56 unique home styles—we found three different properties scattered throughout southwestern Colorado and Utah that are putting such a fresh spin on hospitality that they may get you to consider becoming a troglodyte.

“The way people travel has changed forever,” Brian Chesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, said of the redesign. “People are more flexible about where they live and work, so we’ve designed a new way to search with Airbnb Categories.”

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A total of 56 such categories—castles, treehouses, earth homes, etc.—on Airbnb now furnish results to more than four million accommodations all over the world. And while numerous dwelling classifications present the appeal of the unorthodox, is there anything more alluring than living out your very own Batman fantasy with a dash of southwestern style?

Most of the website’s cavernous results come from European destinations, but the following three are no slouches. Luxury, comfort, style, and natural immersion can be found in some capacity at each of these enticing properties. Why not go ahead and sample them all?

Cortez, Colorado

outer house structure set against red rock face


Guests of this stunning blend of rock and modern design will nestle into the side of Sleeping Ute Mountain, a rock face that sits just 40 minutes from the famed cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park.

couch and chair living room set with with tall ceiling and window inside cave


Built right into the red rock, the aptly-named “Cliff House” offers plenty of modern amenities that blend with rock walls that, just a short walk from the house, bear petroglyphs crafted by ancient civilizations.

bathroom sink and toilet inside cave walls with wood wall on one side


The property includes a porch with no shortage of views, a small lawn in an overhead alcove, native flora, high-speed internet, a full kitchen and bathroom, washer and dryer, air conditioning and heating, a wood stove, and much more.

The surrounding sights alone would make this an attractive destination, but the combination of luxury touches is sure to bump the Cliff House to the top of many bucket lists. Book your stay.

Boulder, Utah

couches and chairs sit in cave room with rock walls around


Enjoy everything southern Utah has to offer in this off-grid cave that the host actually blasted from free-standing rock. Available for total privacy, the “Bedrock Full Cave” provides guests with views of a surrounding area that includes Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

kitchen bar with cave walls surrounding


Temperature inside the cave is regulated year-round, while hydro-electricity provides power. If guests want additional time to cool off from the desert heat outside, a 9-foot-deep outdoor pool—also blasted from the surrounding rock—will do just the trick.

couch, chair and wood stove in living room inside cave


A four-wheel-drive vehicle is necessary to get to the cave, which comes with a coffee maker, mini-fridge, microwave, and barbecue. Guests also have access to a shared kitchen.

Cell service is minimal and there’s no internet on site, but the experience of calling a cave home for a few days should be more than enough to keep you disconnected. Book your stay.

Hanksville, Utah

sandstone house set against rock face in desert


A dream home first constructed during the 1980s by a cowboy who blasted holes into a red rock cliffside, this property an hour and a half from Moab recently received an injection of life courtesy of a spectacular renovation.

leather couches and wood coffee table inside living room with cave walls and ceiling


Beautiful woodwork and tasteful rustic accents comprise every inch of this three-bed, three-bath home that can sleep up to 13. Amenities of all kinds are at your service, including a soak tub flanked by the cave’s natural rock surface.

luxury soak tub with tiled stones at its base and cave wall on its side


Coupled with the outdoor seating area, the property’s massive kitchen and living space make the home a prime location to host events of 25 or more people. Plenty of outdoor recreation and historic sites are also in the vicinity.

We can’t think of a better place to call basecamp for everything southern Utah has to offer. Book your stay.

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