From musical houseplants to easy DIY wallpaper, the stories our editors are loving and sharing this week.
6 Stories We’re Loving This Week
The world's best houseplants—and the music they make.

The world’s best houseplants—and the music they make.

What the F*ck Are We Eating? –> The Bold Italic

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m a foodie and I own it. But I loved this piece lampooning the spate of “It” ingredients popping up on San Francisco menus of late. I’m glad the writer only honored and didn’t take a potshot at harissa, though, because that would’ve been low (try it, trust me).” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor,

The Tiny House Movement

“I’ve always been in love with homes on wheels, from Airstreams to Winnebagos to Volkswagen Kombis, but none of those make me sigh like the little houses on trailers rolling through the tiny house movement. These houses are little; some are no more than 100 square feet, but they are smartly designed and often beautifully appointed; perfectly suited for adventurous living.  My favorites? Gypsy caravans and sheepherder wagons make my heart beat fast, but this little cottage-on-wheels makes me positively swoon.” — Margaret Sloan, production coordinator  

The Ultimate Arborist: Evan Shively in West Marin –> Remodelista

“During a great dinner (deep-fried duck!) at the Presidio Social Club in San Francisco this week, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous, reclaimed-wood benches lining the back deck. I asked around and found out they were made by Evan Shively, an artist who owns an outdoor studio/lumberyard up in West Marin, CA, called Arborica. I did some digging and came across this piece about one writer’s visit there—and now, of course, I’m dreaming of road-tripping up myself!” — Andrea Minarcek, senior travel editor

DIY to Try: Stencil as Wallpaper –> Pop Sugar Home

“Wallpaper prints can make or break a room—and your wallet. Which is why I love this DIY wall stenciling idea. It’s easily doable in a day (or weekend, depending on how many walls we’re talking about) and oh-so-affordable.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor,

A Haven For Making Music With Plants –> The NYT

“I was so charmed by this story about an English (but L.A.-based) artist and musician who translates plants’ electromagnetic currents into music. She’s built this playful, off-beat, slightly magical space in her mother’s Los Angeles backyard, complete with a pond, lots of deep green plants, and a renovated Airstream, which she says ‘gives you this feeling of perpetually being in your made-up little world.’ ” — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor

The World’s Best Houseplants –> Gardenista

“I’m all about houseplants, and these ideas from Gardenista go beyond the usual suspects. A mounted staghorn? So cool. A tiny herb garden? Double duty!” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor,

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