In the ever-more-crowded field of cities vying to be craft-beer capital of the West (Fort Collins! San Diego!), Portland is making its move.

3 Reasons Why Portland Should Be Called Suds City
Restaurateur and entrepreneur Kurt Huffman
One. Restaurateur Kurt Huffman has opened a massive brewpub in the Inner Southeast (706 S.E. Sixth Ave.) called Loyal Legion, which boasts 99—yes, 99— beers on tap, all from Oregon. The food’s local too: specifically, Olympia Provisions charcuterie. Two. Also, every July, the annual Oregon Brewers Festival takes over Tom McCall Waterfront Park for five days.
The clear tube on the front of the growler is the sight glass, showing how much beer is inside. Photograph by Jeffery Cross
Three. Finally, leave it to a Portland company to invent a pressurized, insulated growler (above)—it’s almost like carrying your own tap.
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