Art meets sustainability and they take it outside.

In 2012, West Coast-based native New Yorker Jeanine Pesce started RANGE, an independent agency and magazine specializing in trend forecasting and creative production in the outdoor industry. “I’m interested in the intersection of art, design, sustainability, and the outdoors,” says Pesce. 

Jeanine Pesce

Jeanine Pesce photographed by Ana Pedrero

RANGE also advises brands to tell stories focusing on the human connection to the outdoors rather than mere performance. Thanks to her work, Pesce thinks twice before gearing up. “It’s important to educate myself about the brands I support,” she says. “That’s how I make an impact, even if it’s a small one.” 

Range Magazine

Courtesy of Range Magazine

To begin your own conscious consumer journey, follow in Pesce’s footsteps: 

Values Have Value 

“You can spend hours combing through corporate sustainability reports, or you can download the Good On You app, which reviews and rates tons of brands on ethical policies and practices ranging from child labor and worker safety to energy use, carbon emissions, and water impact.” 

Durable = Sustainable 

“I’ll spend more money on a pair of boots from a heritage brand like Danner or Blundstone because I know they will literally last forever. I also look for brands with in-house repair and rewear programs like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and Levi’s.” 

Omotola Lajubutu

Omotola Lajubutu photographed by Kate Rentz. Courtesy of Kate Rentz.

Representation Matters 

“The Outdoor CEO Diversity pledge, created by Teresa Baker, shows exactly which CEOs have pledged to increase representation internally at the corporate level and externally through consumer-facing initiatives and campaigns featuring diverse athletes and ambassadors.” 

Durable, Stylish, and Functional Options

This story originally appeared in our summer 2020 Outdoor Living issue.

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